Where can I sell old furniture? Vintage and antique furniture

Buying used furniture in Dubai is expensive – office, cabinet, upholstered, home in any condition. Preliminary estimate with photo, cash payment on the spot, or payment to the settlement according to the contract. If you have old furniture to export, or you just want to sell it for a quick profit, then this service will be very useful.

Furniture is accepted even if only one frame is left of it – all scraps connecting elements, and strong boards are recycled and restored. For example, an old chipboard is glued, a veneer is applied to it, it gets a new and beautiful look, and therefore it can be used to make new furniture.

The price list for purchase is approximate. To use the purchase of used furniture, it is necessary to send a photo for a preliminary estimate, the price can be increased or decreased on the spot. So, how much can you sell for:

Sofa frame without upholstery;

  • Sofa with solid upholstery -;
  • Leather furniture -;
  • Office tables;
  • Wall, slide;
  • Office wardrobe;
  • Safes;
  • Kitchen dining table;
  • Kitchen;
  • Soft corner;
  • Computer chairs and armchairs;
  • Armchairs for visitors;
  • Sliding wardrobes.

If the furniture is in good condition, then it can be rented to the treasury at a high price.

To apply, it is necessary to contact the managers and send a photo of the furniture, preferably with a good camera from several angles, with a detailed description of the defects. Next, the time is agreed upon, the appraiser goes to the place with a team of loader-masters. If the price is acceptable to both parties, the furniture is disassembled and removed. Payment is made on the spot, transfer is possible for offices, entrepreneurs, and legal entities. Also, in some cases, used furniture can be purchased in exchange for new or restored furniture. In this case, Used furniture buyers in Dubai pay the difference.

If the furniture is already in bad condition, i.e. if the fiber and wood panels are broken, the ransom may be refused. In this case, it can be taken out with an additional fee at the price of garbage. Along with the furniture, the following can also be taken out:

Old household appliances;

  • Wooden frames with windows;
  • Interlocking doors and iron;
  • Electric and gas stoves;
  • Baths and radiators for heating;
  • Pipes and plumbing items;
  • Sanitary facilities.

This accessory can be taken out for free, or with a ransom, as well as the purchase of used furniture, each case is evaluated individually! Phone.

Examples of valuation of old furniture

Of course, the valuation rules for the purchase of old furniture change daily. An important role is played by the availability of alternative raw materials, the situation in the secondary market, the number of people who want to get rid of furniture, and seasonality. For example, in the summer, prices rise slightly, because old sets and cabinets are sold at good prices for cottages, and it is more profitable for a person to make a deal directly through an ad or via the website of Max Used Furniture.

Sell ​​what you don’t need and buy a new one

Although everyone already knows very well that there is a crisis and that no one has enough money for everyday needs, the truth is that we all have something that we no longer need or even bothers us, and could still be used. Just a quick look around the house and such things are found in abundance.

The answer to what to do with them can be found in commission shops. Namely, by bringing things that are not needed to commission shops, as we learn, a double profit is achieved: on the one hand, there is some kind of profit, and on the other hand, freeing up the garage, apartment, or shelf.

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