What is peel strength testing and Its Uses?

The strength required for peeling two materials is measured by a machine which is commonly known as a peel/seal/bond strength tester. It is most commonly used in the adhesive and packaging industries. A force is applied on the bonded surface with this tester by separating the materials. Moreover, it is also helpful in understanding the adhesive strength and quality of a bond. The main purpose of the peel strength tester is to measure the load applied to separate bonded materials. A Peel strength tester is used because it is the best way to characterize adhesive bonds. Moreover, it is performed at an angle of 90-180 degrees.

What is the use of a peel tester?

Effective Lab India peel bond tester is used for several purposes in different industries. Let us tell you some of its uses in different industries. Packing industry: In the packaging industry, it is used for evaluating the strength of seals on packages. These packages are maybe bags or pouches. It ensures the strength of packaging during transportation or storage. Research & Development: In the research and development industry, it is used for evaluating new adhesive materials. Moreover, a peel-strength tester is used in developing innovative products. Manufacturing industries: For assessing the bonding strength of products, a peel tester is used. It includes plastics, tapes, films and adhesive. Manufacturers can determine the durability and strength of their products with the help of this tester. Adhesive: In testing the adhesive properties of different materials, a peek strength tester plays an important role. Overall, it is a useful tool for determining the strength, durability and quality of different products across various industries.

What is the peel strength method?

The working method for a peel/seal/bond strength test is very simple and easy. First clamp the bonded materials on the tester. After clamping, a force is applied to the bonded material. (This force is perpendicular and it peels the material). After that, the force required for separating the materials is measured. Hence, the force used to peel the materials is termed peel strength. Manufacturers can measure the strength of their adhesive bonds with the help of accurate measurements provided by this tester.

What is the ISO test for peel strength?

The ISO test for peel strength involves ISO 11339:2010 which evaluates the peel strength of a material by T-peel test. Design information is not provided in this test procedure. This test is developed for testing metal adhesives while other adhesives can also be tested with this method.

How do you calculate peel strength?

In a peel bond strength tester, the peel strength of materials is calculated by weighing the specimen, averaging the load, and dividing the result by the bond line’s unit width. However, the load data is derived from the flat portion of the load.