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Missing very little to the long-awaited return of Violet as the sea 2 on Channel 5. Skipped now restart in the autumn, as initially planned, the fiction has been postponed to 2024 as we read in the Mediaset site relating to the schedules: “The season 2023-2024 will enrich the programming of fiction Channel 5 with many new titles, but also some important return, as the second season of Purple like the sea (6 evenings), with Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman”. Finished now for weeks shooting in Sicily that have inflamed the web between selfie shots and breathtaking of the two beloved characters, the following photos from the set in rome, as evidenced by the story published in the last few hours by the actress messina Francesca Chillemi directly from behind the scenes who has commented on the post: “Queenlemi” with so much of the script in the beautiful views, the post, which has aroused a lot of curiosity among the fans who can not wait to review the new episodes.

Viola come il mare 2, finalmente c'è la data ufficiale: è prima del previsto

Viola come il mare 2, finalmente c’è la data ufficiale: è prima del previsto


According also to the Palinstesto Mediaset made famous by Publitalia, the fiction should return between January and march 2024 and is expected to air on Friday. Waiting to know the official date of the beginning and the trailer, all that remains is to follow the two actors that daily publish updates on the series that has thrilled the whole of Italy and not only. But what will happen in the next point?Surely you will try to answer the question: Purple Vitale and Francesco Demir, they are brothers, or between the two, there is still hope that the birth of a love story? All that remains is to wait for the second season to find out.

In a historical period in which the general public shows of love to the Rai fiction, from his song Mediaset is limited to a few productions. The tv series original Romeo does not seem to excite the fans as well as those of public tv, at least according to the data of listening. To try to counter the domain Rai, for ‘Purple like the sea’, Lux Vide, and RTI have hired an actor, Turkish beloved in Italy: Can Yaman. The co-protagonist, as is well known, Francesca Chillemi, the beloved Miss Italy, and then to become an actress. In the series interprets the Purple Vital, who works as a journalist for the crime for a web site to local news.

Doing his job, he knows the chief inspector of police Francis Demir, half-Italian and half Turkish. The two worked side-by-side on some cases of murder and soon a love affair was born. A flirt is also what happened in the reality between the Yaman and the Chillemi. How many sognassero an official engagement, the two have strayed away after a brief romantic adventure, documented by the paparazzi spots of Can Yaman, which entered and exited from the roman residence of the links. Recall that the former Miss Italy has been married for a time with the entrepreneur Stefano Rosso and became a mother in 2016.

Today, Mediaset has announced the official data relating to the return of the four show beloved that will make the company to the public throughout the spring. The first to go in chronological order, will be “Michelle Impossible”, the one-woman-show, Michelle Hunziker, which will resume on Wednesday, march 6. Thirteen days later, it will be ‘Stuck’ of Ficarra and Picone: the second season will be aired on Tuesday. Saturday 23 march will officially begin the so-called ‘evening’ Friends 23 and after six days it will be the turn of ‘Purple like the sea 2’. The second season of the tv series starring Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, will debut Friday, march 29.

On Twitter, the news was greeted with joy, because you laid the ground for longer times. Other salient detail is that we are in 2024, and every day increases the number of people who consume tv series and films on the web instead of on television. It is not a coincidence that the Rai has put online the first episodes of the Sea, Out of the 14 days prior to the broadcast. It is widely likely that this will be the same for ‘Purple like the sea 2’, at least for the first two or four episodes. The first season consisted of 12 episodes. It is not clear whether the number will remain the same, decrease or increase. Finally, many wonder if the fact that VCIM will resume Friday, march 29, it means that the Big Brother to finish before that date. Unofficially, it was said that the reality show would be extended until April, but the placement of the fiction to Friday, may mean that the final of the GF will be aired on Monday, march 25th.

February 18, 2024

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