The price of direct thermal printing is affected by what factors?

If you have placed the bulk order for printing t-shirts, calculate the approximate cost of DTG printing. How much does DTG printing cost? The cost of printing your t-shirts can vary with some factors.

1. Number of pieces you need to print

The most important factor in estimating the cost of printing garments or t-shirts is the order size. Order more t-shirts to pay a comparatively low per-unit cost. Many DTG printing service providers reduce their charges when they receive bulk orders. The large order also allows them to lower the setup cost, optimize production processes, and ensure better material pricing. Thus, if you want to make a cost-saving deal, you should order printing services for a large number of t-shirts.

2. What is the fabric type and quality?

The fabric used for your t-shirts can affect the DTG printing cost. Depending on the fabric type, professionals determine the printing technique and inks. If you have chosen polyester garments, DTG printing service is a cost-effective option. But, it is quite costly to print 100% cotton t-shirts. As cotton has a higher absorbent capacity, it needs more ink to generate quality print.

February 13, 2024

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