Tazi Canyon Turkey

Tazi Canyon Turkey – this “the eighth wonder of the world” Turkish nature, which fully reflects the beauty of the country. It is part of a whole complex of similar locations, of which there are only 7, and is located in the picturesque Köprülü National Park. Tazi Canyon can be called one of the most beautiful and mystical gorges in the whole country. A stunning Tazi canyon is located in the most famous Koprulu National Park. The canyon  https://www.turk-trip.ru/kanyon-tazi-v-turkey.html was formed thanks to the fast and full-flowing river Kopruchay, which has an impressive length of 183 km. It begins right at the lower reaches of the Taurus Mountains, and ends with the fact that it flows into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Even in ancient times, the river had a completely different name, unusual for a modern person – Eurymedon. It was at that time that she reached the peak of her full water and was so wide that she could easily pass huge cargo ships.

January 28, 2024

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