Tata CVs: Light CVs For Transporting Construction Materials

Businesses involved in construction projects require a wide range of commercial vehicles. No doubt heavy commercial vehicles can easily transport equipment and machinery. But, having a light commercial vehicle like a pickup and mini truck from Tata manufacturer is essential. It helps them complete the construction in a timely and with ease. Tata pickup and mini trucks transport dirt, gravel, sand, and cement and ensure the removal of wastage from the construction site. So, if you are looking for these commercial vehicles, read the blog to know. 

Tata Intra V10 

The Tata Intra V10 is a compact yet strong pickup built for transporting construction and light materials. Its stylish cabin and load box provide access to comfort and convenience. Moreover, its robust chassis prevents collision, ensuring a smooth and balanced ride. Besides, it’s a fuel-efficient pickup truck with enhanced fuel efficiency for last-mile deliveries. Also, it provides better maneuverability on flyovers with effortless steering from electric-powered steering. Overall, the Intra V10 pickup is an LCV with comforting and convenient features. This Tata Pickup price in India is  Rs.7.28 Lakh.

Tata Ace HT Plus 

The Tata Ace HT Plus is an advanced technology commercial vehicle that efficiently transports construction to and fro the site. It is a highly recognized model known for its exceptional quality and performance. Moreover, with great torque and maximum power output, it is favourable for multiple applications in rural regions. Also, its design aligns with BS6 norms to reduce emissions and cleaner transportation. This Tata mini truck price is Rs. 6.69 lakh.

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