Streamline Productivity and Security: Introducing xFanatical Foresight for Google Inactive Account Manager

Discover the power of xFanatical Foresight Automation tool for Google Workspace. Say goodbye to the risk of inactive users accessing sensitive data with our automated Google inactive account manager solution. By suspending inactive accounts, you can safeguard your organization’s productivity and protect against potential security breaches. With Foresight, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Google Workspace is optimized for maximum efficiency and security. Take control of your user management and streamline your operations with xFanatical Foresight.


xFanatical Enterprise Software Company

xFanatical is a software development company in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. Established in 2019. The focus of the company is on two main sectors. One is Education and business organizations. We're helping both in making their work faster and smoother by automating them by integrating our custom solution with Google Workspace. We have developed Safe Doc (a Chrome extension) for K-12 schools, and Foresight for Business organizations. Visit the below-given links to explore our products.

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