Stone Construction Sydney

Specialising in residential stone masonry, J&T Smith Stonemasons holds a bricklaying certificate as standard and has built up a wealth of professional skills over decades.


Stone Construction Sydney

We are highly experienced and affordable Stonemasons in Sydney. Although we’re not the only Dulwich Hill Stonemason who is capable of performing quality stonemasonry work, we are proud to say that we have established a rock-solid reputation in our field. Most of our clients who use our stone mason and stonework services prefer a fixed cost. For this reason, we are a Sysney stonemason who includes site preparation, architecture, design, landscaping and the final building of your stonework structure in our quotes. We are flexible. We are Dulwich Hill based. And we are stonemasons who will fit in with your current project team, seamlessly.


As experienced Dulwich Hill stonemasons, we have worked in all parts of Dulwich Hill. Our research has shown that our high percentage of referral client stonemasonry work is because of three main reasons:

One, we are totally professional. Two, we consistently produce outstanding quality stonemason workmanship. And three, we are extremely ethical. From our initial meeting with you we’ll provide you with a number of options to achieve your goal. We are available to go anywhere and look at any job.

January 11, 2024


J&T Smith Stonemasons is a stone masonry company based in Dulwich Hill NSW specializing in domestic, commercial, and industrial stone construction all over Sydney. We are professionals in building all facets of stonework including retaining walls, feature walls, and all other aspects of this trade. Reliable, experienced, and professional Stonemasons to ensure that you get a quality and prompt service every time you deal with us. At J&T Smith Stonemasons, our stonemasons know what it means to take sandstone and turn it into something beautiful.