Primary Care Physician Job Opening in Correctional Facility at Blythe

In the realm of healthcare, few roles are as vital and impactful as that of a Primary Care Physician. These healthcare heroes stand at the forefront of patient care, providing comprehensive medical services that range from diagnosis and treatment to preventive care and health promotion. If you’re a physician looking for a meaningful opportunity where you can make a real difference, then look no further. A remarkable opportunity awaits you at the Correctional Facility in Blythe, where a Primary Care Physician position is now available.

Primary Care Physician Job Opening in Correctional Facility at Blythe

Primary Care Physician Job Opening in Correctional Facility at Blythe

Job Description

As a Primary Care Physician at the Correctional Facility in Blythe, you will play a pivotal role in delivering healthcare services to a diverse patient population. Your responsibilities will encompass diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions, conducting routine check-ups, managing chronic illnesses, and emphasizing preventive care measures. One of the most rewarding aspects of this role is the opportunity to build enduring relationships with patients, serving as their primary point of contact for all medical concerns. Additionally, you will collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals and coordinate referrals to specialists when necessary, ensuring that every patient receives the highest standard of care.


To excel in this role, candidates must meet certain requirements:

  • CV Required: A comprehensive curriculum vitae showcasing your qualifications and experience is essential.
  • Active Medical State License: Candidates must possess an active medical state license, demonstrating their eligibility to practice medicine in the state of California.
  • DEA Required: A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration is mandatory for prescribing controlled substances.
  • BLS Required: Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is necessary to respond effectively to medical emergencies.
  • ACLS Required: Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification is indispensable for managing cardiac emergencies.
  • Board Certification Required: Candidates must be board-certified in their respective medical specialty, ensuring the highest level of competence and expertise.


Joining the Correctional Facility in Blythe as a Primary Care Physician offers a host of benefits designed to support your professional growth and well-being:

  • Assistance in Credentialing & Application Processing: Streamlined assistance throughout the credentialing and application process ensures a smooth transition into your new role.
  • Reimbursement of Medical State License Fee: The facility covers the cost of your medical state license fee, alleviating financial burdens.
  • Highest Competitive Salaries Nationwide: Enjoy competitive compensation packages that reflect your skills, experience, and dedication.
  • A+ Malpractice Occurrence Insurance: Comprehensive malpractice occurrence insurance provides peace of mind and protection against unforeseen liabilities.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment schedules to suit your preferences.
  • Convenient Payment Methods: Benefit from free direct deposit services, ensuring prompt and hassle-free payment processing.
  • 24/7 Devoted Consultant: Access dedicated consultancy services round the clock for guidance, support, and assistance whenever needed.

In conclusion, the Primary Care Physician job opening at the Correctional Facility in Blythe presents a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare. By embracing this role, you’ll not only provide essential medical care to a deserving patient population but also contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. If you’re ready to embark on a fulfilling professional journey where your skills and compassion truly matter, seize this opportunity and apply today.

About the Correctional Facility in Blythe

Located in the picturesque city of Blythe, California, offering the Primary Care Physician Job in Correctional Facility at Blythe serves as a beacon of hope and rehabilitation for individuals within the criminal justice system. With a commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery, the facility prioritizes the well-being and rehabilitation of its inmates, fostering a safe and conducive environment for healing and growth.

April 3, 2024

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