Price and support for in vitro fertilization | IVF Cost in Pakistan

Each year in Pakistan, 23,000 births result from medically assisted procreation or 2.8% of total births. And among the most widespread methods of assisted reproduction, is IVF in Pakistan. So what is it about? How much does in vitro fertilization cost? What is the reimbursement by health insurance? And by health supplements. Genova Infertility Centre answers all your questions. 

What is in vitro fertilization? 

Thanks to advances in medical technology, people with reproductive difficulties can access parenthood in a variety of ways. But between assisted reproduction, artificial insemination, IVF, etc. it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Genova Infertility Centre takes stock of these different notions to help you see things more clearly. 

Assisted reproduction  

Medically assisted procreation brings together a set of techniques that allow future parents to have a child. This is despite genetic disorders such as sterility, infertility, or the presence of a communicable disease. 

There are three different methods, namely artificial insemination, embryo reception, and in vitro fertilization. Among these options, Best IVF Center in Lahore is definitely the most common, since it represents 70% of cases. Genova Infertility Centre  explains why. But before that, we will see the conditions of the PMA.

Conditions for medically assisted procreation

Good news, since a law decree on bioethics dated FEB 28, 2024, assisted medical procreation has been expanded:  Personal situation: from now on, all women, whatever their personal situation (in a heterosexual, homosexual couple, or single) can access PMA. Before this decree, future single mothers or homosexual couples could not access medically assisted procreation. 

The medical situation: here again, the decree broadens the field of action, since all couples can attend the PMA. And this, without medical reasons. Previously, sterility or infertility had to be noted by a doctor. Or that one of the parents suffers from a serious illness likely to be transmitted to the child or spouse. 

How much does in vitro fertilization cost?

Social Security establishes the IVF Cost in Pakistan as follows: 

Stimulation treatment: 1,3000 (this includes medications and the intervention of a home nurse). 

Hormonal monitoring and ultrasounds: 5000

Fertilization: 4300 for classic IVF and 7500 for ICSI. 

Hospitalization: 17000 (this is necessary for the puncture and embryo transfer). 

In total, this corresponds to an average of 4,1000. 

In addition to this, you generally have to plan for a 3-day work stoppage. And sometimes, it is necessary to seek help from a psychologist due to the failure rate. Additional costs will therefore have to be anticipated. 

Social security reimburses a part. But it is above all your health insurance that will make the difference. 

How is IVF reimbursed by mutual health insurance?

A priori, a 100% reimbursement of the price of in vitro fertilization from social security seems to bode well for future parents. However, several nuances should be made.  And for good reason, the 100% reimbursement concerns the agreed rate. If you consult doctors charging excess fees (particularly with private clinics), the excess will be your responsibility. In this context, the use of mutual health insurance seems essential to benefit from a good level of reimbursement. 

And that’s the whole point of mutual insurance. Indeed, despite promising results, PMA is not perfect. Many parents must carry out several in vitro fertilizations before the pregnancy actually results in the birth of a child. And sometimes, 4 IVFs are not enough to have the chance to welcome a new member into the household. With mutual insurance, you will be able to carry out as much IVF as necessary. This is not negligible, since unsuccessful IVFs represent approximately 15% of total IVFs. Here, the care covers all the treatments necessary before the embryo transfer (such as puncture, ultrasounds, analyses, etc.)



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