Pasta Rea Catering – Authentic Italian Cuisine

Pasta Rea Italian Food Caterers: Savor authentic Italian flavors. Exceptional catering for events, weddings, and gatherings. Taste the difference!

Pasta Rea Italian Food Caterers bring the taste of Italy to your events. Immerse your guests in authentic flavors, from handmade pasta to exquisite sauces. Our catering service, crafted with passion and expertise, elevates weddings, gatherings, and special occasions. Experience the charm of Italian cuisine, where quality ingredients and culinary mastery come together. Whether a small gathering or a grand celebration, Pasta Rea ensures a memorable dining experience. Let us turn your event into a culinary journey, leaving a lasting impression with our delectable Italian creations.


Location: 1825 W Crest Ln #17, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Contact #: (602) 485-9924

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March 19, 2024