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Extra Appliance is your go-to solution for all appliance repair needs in Edmonton. Located at 12719 94 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 3V4, Canada, they offer a wide range of services to keep your appliances running smoothly. Contact them at 780-819-6092 or via email at

Comprehensive Freezer Repair Service in Edmonton

Freezers are essential for preserving food, and any malfunction can cause significant inconvenience. Extra Appliance provides expert freezer repair service in Edmonton. Their skilled technicians ensure that your freezer is back in working order quickly and efficiently.

Specialized Deep Freezer Repair Services in Edmonton

Deep freezers offer extra storage space for frozen goods. If yours breaks down, Extra Appliance offers top-notch deep freezer repair services in Edmonton. They are equipped to handle all types of deep freezer issues, ensuring minimal downtime.

Thorough Oven and Dryer Inspections

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your appliances. Extra Appliance conducts thorough oven and dryer inspections to identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems. This proactive approach saves you time and money in the long run.

Reliable Edmonton Freezers Repair Service

Extra Appliance is known for its reliable Edmonton freezers repair service. They handle all types of freezer repairs with precision and care, ensuring that your freezer functions efficiently.

Expert Oven and Dryer Maintenance in Edmonton

Routine maintenance is key to the longevity of your appliances. Extra Appliance offers comprehensive oven and dryer maintenance in Edmonton. Their services help keep your appliances in optimal condition, preventing costly repairs.

Professional Commercial Dishwashers Services in Edmonton

Commercial dishwashers are crucial for maintaining hygiene in food service establishments. Extra Appliance provides professional commercial dishwashers services in Edmonton, ensuring that your dishwashers run smoothly and efficiently.

Effective Microwave Oven Repair Service in Edmonton

Microwave ovens are a kitchen staple. If yours is malfunctioning, Extra Appliance offers effective microwave oven repair service in Edmonton. Their technicians are skilled at diagnosing and fixing all microwave issues.

Commercial Appliance Repair in Edmonton

Businesses rely on their appliances to operate smoothly. Extra Appliance offers expert commercial appliance repair in Edmonton, helping businesses minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Sherwood Park Appliance Repair Service

Residents of Sherwood Park can also benefit from Extra Appliance’s expertise. They provide reliable Sherwood Park appliance repair service, ensuring that all your household appliances function efficiently.

Dishwasher and Refrigerator Repair in Sherwood Park

Extra Appliance specializes in dishwasher repair Sherwood Park and refrigerator repair Sherwood Park. They offer prompt and efficient service to ensure your appliances are back in working order quickly.

Appliance and Vacuum Repair in Beaumont

Extra Appliance extends its services to Beaumont, offering top-quality appliance repair in Beaumont and vacuum repair Beaumont. Their technicians are experienced in handling a variety of appliance issues.

Quality Appliance Repair in Devon

Residents of Devon can trust Extra Appliance for quality appliance repair in Devon. Their skilled technicians provide reliable and efficient repair services to keep your appliances in top shape.

Home Appliance Repair Devon

Extra Appliance offers comprehensive home appliance repair Devon. They handle all types of household appliance repairs, ensuring that your home runs smoothly.

Garburator Repair Edmonton AB

A malfunctioning garburator can disrupt your kitchen routine. Extra Appliance provides expert garburator repair Edmonton AB, ensuring that your kitchen functions smoothly.

Washing Machine Repair Service Edmonton

A broken washing machine can be a major inconvenience. Extra Appliance offers prompt and reliable washing machine repair service Edmonton, getting your laundry routine back on track quickly.

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Extra Appliance is dedicated to providing top-notch appliance repair services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them the best choice for all your appliance repair needs.


  1. What types of appliances does Extra Appliance repair? Extra Appliance repairs a wide range of appliances, including freezers, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, and more.
  2. How can I schedule a repair service with Extra Appliance? You can schedule a repair service by calling 780-819-6092 or emailing
  3. Do you offer commercial appliance repair services? Yes, Extra Appliance offers professional commercial appliance repair services in Edmonton.
  4. Is Extra Appliance available in areas outside Edmonton? Yes, Extra Appliance provides services in surrounding areas, including Sherwood Park, Beaumont, and Devon.
  5. What should I do if my appliance breaks down? Contact Extra Appliance immediately to schedule a repair service. Their skilled technicians will diagnose and fix the issue promptly.