How Does the Field Force Monitoring System Help in Employee Tracking?

A field force monitoring system is software that enables businesses to monitor their field executives in real time. The software tracks employee activities through various automation tools. Let’s discuss these tools in this blog post!

Do you think it’s easy to run a business? Obviously, not! Companies demand the heart and sweat of both the owner and an employee to operate efficiently. Though it is easy to monitor on-site employees, it seems difficult to track the productivity of field executives. Agreed? But, no more! This is because a field force monitoring system is an automation tool that helps companies monitor their remote workforce in real time. It operates using various automation tools discussed in this blog post. So, keep reading till the end!

Overview of Field Force Monitoring System 

Field force scheduling software allows businesses to track the mobile workforce in real time. Besides enhancing workforce productivity, the software benefits businesses in many other ways. Some of these benefits include:

  • From attendance management to task management, the software streamlines end-to-end business workflows.
  • Automation in workflows expedites procedures like order processing and reimbursements.
  • Businesses can make well-informed decisions using data-driven auto-generated performance reports.
  • Real-time whereabouts of field employees tracking software also enable managers to allocate resources more efficiently.

Sit tight! A field force monitoring system offers a range of features that benefit businesses in employee tracking. Let us find out about these features in the upcoming section!

How Does the Field Force Monitoring System Track Employees? 

The field force tracking software, through its various features, helps in monitoring the field force. Below are some of these features:

  • Employee Real-Time Tracking Solution

This feature of the field force scheduling software allows businesses to track the exact location of their employees. Not only this, the software allows the management to monitor live work status, which can help employees increase their efficiency. Furthermore, the software calculates the total distance covered by the employees, which can help with expense reimbursements.

  • Attendance Management Tool

Some businesses require their employees to travel to various places for work purposes. In such cases, it becomes very difficult for the management to verify the actual punch-in and punch-out times of the employees. Through this feature of the field force monitoring system, management can make sure of the above problems through a geo-coded attendance marking system. Under this system, employees need to visit a certain place to mark their attendance which would record their punch-in time.

  • Task Management Solution

Work allocation is an important yet tedious job. The task management must allocate the work between the field forces according to their capabilities and skills. This feature of field force tracking software allows management to have real-time task status updates to understand an employee’s capabilities. Furthermore, the software enables businesses to allocate tasks in bulk for seamless efficiency.

  • Battery And Network Status Check

Do you also find your field employees saying “low battery” and “no network connectivity” as the reasons for their unavailability? It often leaves managers in the middle of the road during critical situations. But no more!

Field force monitoring system is an innovative solution that enables management to know the battery and network status in real time. If the mobile phone is off due to a low battery or they are in non-connectivity areas, the last status of the employee would be visible on the software.

  • Expense Tracking Software Solution

Company credit cards are one of the greatest employee benefits. But often, employees are seen overspending the money through their company cards. An expense-tracking feature in field force scheduling software can help businesses combat this challenge. They can set an expenditure cap based on the position and team of their employees. When the employees try to reimburse the claims for over expenses, the system automatically rejects the claim.

Optimize Your Business With the Best Field Force Monitoring System

What is the definition of the best field force management software? According to us, it is the one that offers robust features with seamless integration options.

TrackoField is the field force monitoring system that stands out in the industry. It offers a range of features, such as ad-hoc task allocation, order management, geo-verified attendance, geo-task link feature, voice and text messaging support, and much more to empower businesses. The software offers personalized solutions and caters to the unique needs of all businesses. So, what is holding you back? Call right away to schedule a demo with us!

Wrap Up

A field force monitoring system is a critical automation tool for businesses. It helps management monitor their employees in real time. From attendance to expenses, companies can track all the activities of their mobile workforce. Additionally, the software provides real time updates on the battery and internet connectivity of the employees. If you are seeking the best field force scheduling software to empower your field service operations, consider investing in TrackoField.