Comfort and safety are the heart of our home lifts In Australia

The Real Home Lifts in Adelaide

Most Comfort and safety home lifts in Australia

These twin philosophies guide our operations every step of the way to bring you complete ease. 

A home lift’s purpose is to bring comfort to your life. Intertwined with this purpose is the need for it to afford safety, as well. Elite Elevators’ home mobility solutions are a fascinating combination of the two. Headquartered in Victoria, we are an Australian home lift company partnered with TK Access Solutions, a German company regarded as one of the world’s best home lift manufacturers. We ship our world-class, international-safety-certified, and premium home lifts to your residence in Australia from our partner’s manufacturing unit in Pisa, Italy. 

TK Access Solutions’ carefully engineered home lifts afford comfort, safety, craftsmanship and convenience. At Elite Elevators, we have various kinds of home lifts. Hydraulic lifts, residential lifts, stairlifts, gearless home elevators and CogBelt home lifts are Elite Elevators’ most premium offerings. 

Comfort, day in and day out 

Our cutting-edge operating drives elevate our products to the pinnacle of innovation, ensuring unparalleled comfort. On top of the advanced drives, we integrate 14 distinct patented mechanisms in our home elevators, contributing an atmosphere of opulence and seamless functionality. Among these patented features are the Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology, Soft Start and Stop (SSS) devices, an Advanced Error Notifications System, and Magnetic Driven Controls—each meticulously developed by TK Access Solutions.

These innovative mechanisms lend our home elevators a highly sought-after combination of smoothness, level operation, luxury, and noiseless performance. As a result, the experience of travelling in our home elevator becomes a daily pleasure, marked by an exceptional blend of comfort and sophistication.

Signature Italian design 

Elevate the aesthetics of your home with our home lifts, boasting sleek finishes that exude a touch of class throughout your living space. Designed to seamlessly blend in, our home lifts are a subtle yet stylish addition to your interiors. The beauty lies in our customisation – both the exteriors and interiors of our home lifts can be tailored to your preferences.

For those who appreciate a picturesque view while ascending, our home lifts offer the option of elegant glass walls. On the other hand, if privacy is your priority, choose steel walls to create a more intimate ambience. The magic doesn’t stop there – you can personalise the finishes inside the lift to reflect your unique style and elevate your home’s overall aesthetic. With our customisation options, your home lift becomes a bespoke masterpiece, effortlessly combining functionality with elegance.

How are our home elevators safe?

Safety is one of our most notable hallmarks. Our home elevators are equipped with safety mechanisms – both automatic and manual – that you can use during emergencies. Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification and adherence to European home safety standards such as EN 81-41 for residential lifts, EN 81-40 for stairlifts and machinery directive 2006/42/EC mean that our residential lifts comply with over 194 safety parameters. 

Our home elevators have in-built safety layers

Our home elevators are designed to be super safe and come with a bunch of safety features that work together to keep you safe. These features include two automatic rescue devices (ARDs), a mechanical button, a manual key, and a trapdoor. They are built into the design of the home elevators so that they can be used easily in case of an emergency. With all these safety features, you can be sure that our home elevators are safe and reliable.

Our residential lifts are manufactured as per European Home Safety Codes


Since our residential elevators are made in an EU-member state, Italy, they are statutorily mandated to follow a strict set of safety regulations. These regulations govern the safe manufacture, installation, and use of residential lifts made and sold within EU countries. Our products proudly meet these criteria, ensuring safety across all facets. More specifically, they conform to machinery directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-41 (for residential lifts), and EN 81-40 (for stairlifts). 

Our residential lifts have a SIL 3 certification 

Internationally recognised as a leading safety regulatory body, the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) establishes a global benchmark for product safety. Our residential lifts have been granted the esteemed Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certificate, attesting to their exceptional safety standards. Attaining a SIL 3 certification signifies that our residential lifts are among the safest globally, and the only residential lifts to do so. 

Why should you choose Elite Elevators?

With our home elevators, expect only the best of the best. Our Elite home elevators in Adelaide are made to outperform conventional elevators. You can feel the difference – a smooth and seamless performance, easy operation, quiet ride and classy interiors are just some of the features that make our home elevators shine. They consume minimal energy, require minimal maintenance and civil work and are engineered to last for forty to fifty decades. 

So are you ready for an elite experience? We have an office in Adelaide and are happy to get connected with you. Call us on (1300319878)  for a complimentary consultation call. 

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