Chemotherapy in Singapore: Top Oncologist Singapore to Visit

Singapore offers excellent healthcare services in the field of cancer treatment. There are different private and public hospitals in Singapore that focus on the treatment of cancer. The Novena Cancer Centre can be considered as one such organization that specializes in Chemotherapy Singapore. This cancer center is known to offer effective care and treatment in the case of patients suffering from this ailment. Here, we will be discussing in detail about cancer treatment in Singapore, and the specialists that you can consider visiting.

Chemotherapy Singapore

Chemotherapy is a treatment procedure that is used for curing and eradicating cancer. It basically involves the use of different drugs for treating cancer. The oncologists possess a thorough knowledge about chemotherapy, and other related cancer treatments. An oncologist might use chemotherapy treatment for the following purposes.

1. Curative therapy

Here, the chemotherapy is used to eliminate the cancer totally.

2. Adjuvant therapy

The oncologist uses chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells following radiation therapy, or surgery.

3. Neoadjuvant therapy

In this case, chemotherapy helps in shrinking a tumor before undergoing radiation therapy or surgery.

4. Palliative therapy

Here, chemotherapy aids in shrinking the tumors and managing the symptoms. However, a complete cure doesn’t occur.

Top Oncologists in Singapore

The Chemotherapy treatments are required to combat the further development of the cancer. Chemotherapy sessions can also help in eradicating the cancer, and making the person cancer-free. Chemotherapy experience might be different for each patient. Hence, giving the patients a compassionate care is very important. At Novena Cancer Centre, it is ensured that the patients are getting respectful care and attention at all times. For this, the cancer center has several prominent oncologists listed below.

1.Dr. Lim Hwee Yong

Dr. Lim Hwee Yong has more than a decade’s experience in the field of cancer treatment. Dr. Lim is a prominent part of the peptide receptor radionuclide therapy workgroup. This research group was responsible for the development of this treatment method in Singapore. He was previously associated with the National Cancer Centre Singapore, and there, he conducted notable research on different types of cancers, like lung, colon and breast cancer, neuroendocrine tumor, gastro-intestinal and hepatic-biliary cancers, and more.

2. Dr. Tan Min-Han

Dr. Tan Min-Han specializes in clinical cancer genetics and urological cancers. He is a consultant medical oncologist at the Novena Cancer Centre in Singapore. He has years of experience in chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Dr. Tan has played a very important role in the development of different practical diagnostic assays in the field of oncology. He has also crafted several novel drug delivery methods for the patients suffering from cancer. This includes the method that uses the green tea polyphenols for combating cancer.


In this article, we have discussed in detail about chemotherapy treatment, and some of the top oncologist Singapore that you can visit. Chemotherapy is a complex medical procedure that puts a lot of strain on your body. To make the medical treatment endurable, you must visit a cancer center that focuses on the physical and mental well-being of the patients.