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Ashish Dhawan Portfolio

Ashish Dhawan is a prominent Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He has made significant contributions to the fields of education and social reform in India. Dhawan has a strong background in finance and investment. He co-founded ChrysCapital, one of India’s leading private equity firms, in the late 1990s. Under his leadership, ChrysCapital became known for its successful investments in various sectors, contributing significantly to the firm’s growth and reputation.


After two decades in the investment world, Ashish Dhawan shifted his focus towards philanthropy with a particular interest in improving the education sector in India. He believes that education is a critical lever for social and economic change.

Investment strategy

Ashish Dhawan’s investment philosophy is characterized by a few key principles, as reflected in his investment choices and strategies.

  1. Diversified Investments

Dhawan focuses on creating a diversified portfolio that spans various sectors of the economy. This approach is aimed at mitigating risk and capitalizing on growth opportunities in different industries​​.

  1. Long-term Focus

His investment strategy is underpinned by a commitment to the long term, emphasizing the importance of patience and a forward-looking perspective in achieving substantial returns​​.

  1. Smart Investment Choices

Dhawan’s selections are informed by rigorous market analysis, indicating a methodical investment approach that relies heavily on research and a deep understanding of market dynamics​​.

  1. Strategic Approach to Sectors

The portfolio includes strategic investments in sectors like pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, and consumer goods, demonstrating his ability to identify and invest in industries with potential for high growth and significant impact​​.

  1. Balanced Approach

His portfolio illustrates a balanced investment approach, combining high-risk and conservative bets. This reflects a nuanced understanding of market trends, business fundamentals, and the long-term potential of businesses​

Ashish Dhawan’s Investment Portfolio

Ashish Dhawan’s investment portfolio showcases a diversified and strategic approach to investing, with holdings across various sectors that indicate his keen market understanding and investment philosophy. The strategic diversification and selection of companies with promising futures and strong fundamentals highlight Dhawan’s investment acumen and his belief in the long-term value creation of these businesses. His portfolio is a mix of high-risk and conservative investments, showcasing a deep understanding of market trends and the potential of individual businesses to grow and deliver returns over time.

Notable Holdings

Ashish Dhawan publicly holds 12 stocks with a net worth of over ₹3,620.7 Cr as of Dec 2023.

His notable holdings are as follows.

AGI Greenpac Ltd.

AGI Greenpac Ltd. is a significant holding in Ashish Dhawan’s investment portfolio, reflecting his strategic investment approach and confidence in the company’s growth potential. With an investment valued at ₹257.9 Cr for 3,100,000 shares, representing a 4.8% holding across multiple periods until it reduces to 1.5%, Dhawan’s stake in AGI Greenpac Ltd. underscores his interest in sectors with sustainability and environmental impact at their core​​.

AGI Greenpac Ltd., formerly known as HSIL Ltd., specializes in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, among other products. The company’s focus on eco-friendly products and practices aligns with global trends towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. This investment reflects Dhawan’s ability to identify companies with strong fundamentals, growth potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The investment in Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. by Ashish Dhawan, valued at ₹643.8 Cr for 7,200,000 shares, showcases a significant stake in one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies. This holding, which fluctuated around 2.6% before stabilizing at 1.8%, reflects Dhawan’s strategic investment in the healthcare sector, particularly in a company known for its robust research and development in the pharmaceutical field.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is recognized for its contributions to global healthcare through the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The company’s focus on innovative research to address complex health challenges aligns with Dhawan’s investment philosophy of backing businesses with the potential for substantial impact and growth.


Ashish Dhawan’s investment in IDFC Ltd., with a commitment of ₹653.0 Cr for 56,000,000 shares, maintaining a steady stake of 3.5%, highlights a significant position in the financial services sector. IDFC Ltd. is a major player in India’s financial industry, offering a wide range of services including infrastructure financing, asset management, and banking services through its subsidiaries.

This investment aligns with Dhawan’s strategic focus on sectors vital for India’s growth and development. The financial sector, particularly infrastructure finance, plays a crucial role in supporting India’s economic expansion and urban development. IDFC Ltd., with its strong foundation in financing infrastructure projects, represents an opportunity for growth as India continues to invest in its infrastructure to boost economic progress, improve connectivity, and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.

Ashish Dhawan’s investment in Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd., amounting to ₹423.6 Cr for 14,600,000 shares and consistently holding a 1.2% stake, showcases a significant investment in the non-banking financial company (NBFC) sector. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. is one of India’s leading NBFCs, providing a broad range of financial products and services targeted primarily at rural and semi-urban markets.

This investment underlines Dhawan’s strategy of diversifying across sectors that have a direct impact on India’s broader economic and social landscape. The focus on Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services reflects a belief in the potential of India’s rural and semi-urban markets, areas that are pivotal for inclusive economic growth. These regions represent a significant portion of the Indian population and are key drivers of the country’s economic development, with vast untapped potential for financial services.

Religare Enterprises Ltd.

Ashish Dhawan’s investment in Religare Enterprises Ltd., with a valuation of ₹178.7 Cr for 7,605,608 shares, showcases a significant engagement in the diversified financial services sector. Initially holding a 2.3% stake that was later adjusted to 1.7%, this investment reflects Dhawan’s strategy of diversifying into sectors with growth potential and pivotal roles in India’s economic framework.

Religare Enterprises Ltd. operates across various segments of the financial services industry, including health insurance, wealth management, and asset management. The company’s broad spectrum of services caters to a wide range of financial needs, making it a key player in the financial services domain.

This investment is indicative of Dhawan’s confidence in the financial services sector and, more specifically, in companies with a diversified business model. Religare’s involvement in health insurance and wealth management, areas with significant growth prospects, aligns with Dhawan’s investment philosophy of targeting companies that are well-positioned to benefit from India’s growing financial services market.

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