APEDA: Promoting India’s Agricultural and Processed Food Exports Since 1984

APEDA, also known as the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, is one of the leading government organizations that promotes processed food,
farmland, and fish stock exports across the country. The organization was started in 1985 and was named APEDA in 2003. Its primary goals are to facilitate and promote the export of processed agricultural food products and act as an intermediary for the industries, collective, and farmers. It allows the farmers to live peacefully and receive their due price of products.

The organization triggers the implementation and development of strategies and plans. The APEDA license also helps people access data on agricultural product exports, such as pulses, fibers, cereal grains, oil seeds, etc.

How does Apeda work?

  1. The Government of India established the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Corporation (APEDA) through the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act, which the Parliament ratified in December 1985.
  2. The Processed Food Export Promotion Council’s duties were assumed by the Authority (PFEPC). In addition to thirteen virtual offices, the company has five regional offices—in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Guwahati—and its headquarters are in New Delhi.
  3. APEDA certificate connects Indian exporters to the international market and offers full access to a wide range of export services. It also provides reference services and suggests businesses that could be joint venture partners.
  4. It has a presence in almost every state in India that can generate agricultural goods, better serving the agricultural export community.
  5. The United States, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Nepal are the leading importers of food items from India.
  6. APEDA has started various projects to provide additional online facilities for stakeholders and enhance the current e-government system.

The creation of an electronic application submission, processing, and certification system for Organic Certification bodies and the renewal of accreditation costs are a few examples:

  • Creating and deploying an online processing system for the Electronic Annual Performance Appraisal Report (e-APAR) submitted to the APEDA authorities.
  • APEDA has also set up a Farmer Connect Portal on its website to give farmer-producer companies and organizations a platform to interact with exporters. The goal of this gateway is to make it easier for the two parties to communicate. There are currently
    over 800 registered FPOs on the site. Go to the linked website to learn more about the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO).
  • The Department of Commerce (DoC) assented to APEDA’s restructuring. In addition to the five regional offices currently in place, five more will be established in Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow.

APEDA also provides Financial Assistance

Numerous governmental organizations support startups, food and beverage companies, and
entrepreneurs in their efforts to grow and diversify into these markets. APEDA is one of the many agencies. To apply for APEDA-RCMCRegistration Online, you should only contact a reputable organization.

This association facilitates the production of agricultural goods. It was established in 2003
through an Act of Parliament to help farmers obtain more funding to buy their products from export markets, thereby boosting the agriculture industry.

Its primary offering is Business Advisory Services (BAS), which includes various services
like feasibility assessments, marketing research, and related services. Furthermore, it acts as a middleman between foreign investors and farmers seeking superior agricultural products.

Apeda provides quick access to the subsidy and saving programs:

Apeda provides disaster relief for flood and earthquake victims. The organization also helps
farmers with foreign products to improve their incomes and create jobs. The help is provided at subsidized rates so that everyone can take advantage of it. The procedure is quite synchronized and built up to help needy people.

Apeda helps in facilitating research capital investment via Joint Ventures:

Serving as an APEDA representative gives members access to government-sponsored contracts, trade shows, and opportunities to collaborate with other members. Furthermore, businesses that belong to the Chamber of Commerce can investigate the potential for collaborating with other Chamber members.

For business owners, this is advantageous since it makes it more likely that they will meet
partners similar to them in terms of size, background, and geography, as opposed to this, where they would have to look for relationships on their own.

Apeda is an autonomous organization that is also part of the DAC, the Department of
Agriculture and Cooperation. It was created to help deliver perfect results in agricultural product exports in the country. If you are curious about applyingfor APEDA certification, contact Lunis Associates. Their team of experts will guide you and help you register your firm with Apeda.


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