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If you plan on visiting Antalya soon, you will definitely be using the Antalya Taxis. They are yellow, easy to stop, and convenient way to move from one place to another.  How to get one? It’s easy! You can either order a taxi by phone or using an app, go to a taxi stand, or approach one from the side of the road. If the taxi is available, the taxi sign on top of the car is illuminated. For more details and tips, continue reading… In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about taxi services in Antalya including, transfers to airport, booking online and offline, payment, and prices.  If you are going to visit Antalya, you will definitely use a taxi. We have good news for you, the global technology platform Uber started its service in Antalya as of 2024.

There are several options for taking  в такси в городе Анталия в Турции  (taxi in Antalya, Turkey). Here are a few:

  1. Flag a taxi down on the street: Look for a taxi with a lit “Taxi” sign on top of the car. If the sign is lit, the taxi is available for hire. You can hail a taxi on the street by waving at the driver or standing at a designated taxi stand.
  2. Call a taxi: Many taxi companies in Antalya have a dispatch service that you can call to request a taxi. The dispatch service will send a taxi to your location.
  3. Use a taxi app: There are several taxi apps that you can use to book a ride in Antalya, such as Uber or Bolt. These apps allow you to request a ride, track the progress of your taxi, and pay for your ride electronically.

It’s important to note that all licensed taxis in Antalya are required to use a meter to calculate the fare, and the fare should be displayed on the meter at all times. Be sure to check the meter before you start your ride to ensure that it is running. If you have any concerns about the fare, you can ask the driver for an estimate before you start your trip. Most of the taxi drivers in Antalya do not speak English, but you can communicate very easily by showing the address you are going to on the phone. Payment is generally accepted in cash, but some taxis have the option to pay with a credit card. Taxi drivers can give your receipt after payment at any time. Taxi drivers in Antalya take the shortest route to your destination. You won’t have any problems with this.

You can order a taxi online with various taxi apps. The most well-known is BiTaksi. You can usually pay cashless in these taxis. iTaksi is also frequently used. After 22 November 2022, it started to be used in Uber in Antalya. For now, the popular transportation app Lyft is not used.

Taxi in Antalya

Antalya taxi prices

Taking a taxi in Antalya is a perfect way to travel as they are inexpensive in Turkey. However, taxis in Antalya do not offer flat-rate fares, they calculate their prices using a taximeter which is based on the time and distance travelled. Furthermore, taxis in Turkey have a price system in which the further you travel the more cost-efficient your taxi price will be – and prices do not differ whether you are travelling by day, night or on a weekend. Taxi tariffs in Turkey are officially set by cities or districts and need to be followed by all taxi drivers: private and official Antalya taxis.

Base fee: €0.35 (ŧ 3.50 TL)

Per 1st Km: €0.65 (ŧ 6.50 TL)

Per 10 Km: €3.30 (ŧ 33.50 TL)

Per 50 Km: €15.30 (ŧ 153.50 TL)

How to get a taxi in Antalya

Taxis are a comfortable and convenient way to get around Antalya, as they offer 24/7 door-to-door services. There are three different ways to get a taxi in Antalya; you can either hail a free taxi cab directly from the streets, go to an official taxi station placed around major hubs such as hotels, beaches, the airport, or you can call one of the registered taxi stations and they will send a taxi to the pickup point of your choice. It should be easy to find an Antalya taxi. Many roam around the city and the yellow taxi cabs with their “Taksi” rooftop signs are very recognisable.

Group of yellow taxis parked in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

Antalya Taxi Tips

Benefits of Booking an Antalya Taxi in Advance

Knowing that your taxi is waiting for you at your chosen Antalya pickup point is always a great feeling, especially if you don’t know your way around the city. Not only do Antalya private transfers provide you with a set-rate fee, a guaranteed on-time pickup and a friendly English-speaking driver, they are also happy to give you great recommendations on the things to do and see during your time in Antalya. Moreover, if you wish to budget your trip in advance, then pre-booking your Antalya taxi at a fixed price will ensure a hassle-free experience. To avoid high booking fees, we suggest booking your Antalya transfers with Welcome Pickups.

Antalya Taxi Tips

  1. It is always best to carry cash on you when taking a taxi as most taxis do not accept bank card payments.
  2. It is recommended to follow your trip through a navigation application on your phone, as taxis are known to take longer routes in order to raise the final taxi fare.
  3. It is uncommon to tip your taxi driver in Antalya; most travellers and locals just round up their end fare (although they are always appreciated).
  4. It is important to check that the taximeter has been reset and is running before you start your Antalya transfer.
  5. Taxis in Antalya are very reasonably priced and prices do not differ during the day, night or on weekends.
February 23, 2024

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