5 Ways to Enjoy a Romantic Weekend Getaway in Amsterdam

We’re all romantics at heart and nothing feels better than exploring with the person you love. Whether you’re a fan of sun holidays or city breaks, making memories is always more enjoyable when you share them with your favourite person. Amsterdam is a great place for a romantic break with everything you could hope for from a weekend as a couple. There are excellent restaurants, great museums & parks and of course, spacious and comfortable accommodations for two in PREMIER SUITES Amsterdam.

1. Romantic walks together in Amsterdam

What could be nicer than strolling hand in hand around a beautiful and fascinating city, looking for hidden gems? Amsterdam is a very walkable city and you can explore the attractions on foot or by bike in around an hour.  Such a picturesque city deserves to be seen slowly, enjoying the cobbled streets, the beautiful canals, and the many bridges. Drop into shops and cafes that look interesting and pick up a memento of your trip. End your romantic stroll with a hot coffee or an ice cream in one of the many green spaces in Amsterdam. Vondelpark is a large ring park that runs beneath Museumplein or if you want a bigger place to explore, check out Westerpark, which is a short walk from Centraal Station.

2. River Cruise in Amsterdam

Since so much of Amsterdam is water, you should make the most of it and enjoy a river cruise. There are many ways to get around on the water whether it’s self-guided or a commercial cruise. You can rent a pedal boat and captain your own ship, exploring wherever you like and waving at other boats doing the same. Alternatively, if you’d rather leave the sailing to a professional, hop aboard one of the dozens of commercial cruises on Amsterdam canals. There are themed cruises focusing on art, architecture, and history or a party boat with live music and an on-board bar!

3. Museums of Amsterdam

You can’t talk about a romantic day in Amsterdam without mentioning some of its cultural highlights like the dozens of museums. Amsterdam’s biggest and best museum is the Rijksmuseum, which houses over 8,000 artefacts within. You could spend hours exploring the fascinating exhibitions hand in hand. For more contemporary art lovers, you’ll love the Moco Museum, which is contained in an old townhouse. World-famous street artist Banksy is featured at Moco with unauthorized exhibits dedicated to his work. You also have world-famous exhibitions at Van Gogh Museum and Anne Franks House wonderful places to explore together.

4. Write your own love story in Amsterdam.

Bibliophiles love Amsterdam. There are dozens of beautiful independent bookshops to support and there is also a book market to explore! We love the Oudemanhuispoort book market, which is in a gorgeous alleyway that used to be used as stables. Once frequented by Van Gogh, the covered walkway is now home to a large selection of stalls selling second-hand books. For English books, American Book Centre has a great selection of international and Dutch titles in English.  There is a more intimate feeling in Buckholt de Dolfijn on Haarlemmerdijk. The Cuypers Library is the largest and oldest art historical library in the Netherlands and is open for all to explore. Pick out a love story to share with your love.

5. People Watch in Amsterdam

As a multicultural city, the population of Amsterdam is truly diverse and colourful. There are many ways to people watch and create stories for those who pass. One way to watch people, both in person and on-screen is a trip to one of Amsterdam’s beautiful art deco theatres like Pathe Tuschinski where you can enjoy your own private balcony. Another way is enjoying a lazy afternoon in one of the cafes in Jordaan, enjoying delicious drinks and catching up in peace with the person you love. Watch the world go by at one of Amsterdam’s charming cocktail bars. Gin is a more popular choice for cocktails here but you can get a great selection of other spirits as well as wine and beer in most bars.


Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a travel buff who writes for PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam, which specializes in luxury, full-suite serviced apartments in Amsterdam. This frugal young lady believes that traveling shouldn’t be expensive. She loves sharing money-saving hacks on lodging, traveling, and dining.


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